Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nationals Win Me Over. Reluctantly.

In March, I had my run-in with the Washington Nationals ticket office, after which point I said I wouldn't buy season tickets because, as I wrote later:

"I can't give you the satisfaction of saying you talked the crazy blogger guy into buying season tickets after all."

Well, since that time, Sharon and I have attended several games this season. I finally caved and bought a flex plan, which involves getting tickets to three games in order to get a fourth free.

I should have already done this several times over this season, as we go so often and the Nats have become Sharon's favorite team.

I guess my love of baseball and desire to economize on ticket purchases, as well as Sharon's inexplicable fandom of relief pitcher Tyler Clippard, have won out over my pride. You win, Nationals ticketing office.