Monday, November 8, 2010

A Farewell to AdSense

I'm sure there's an economic point in here somewhere, but as of today, I'm removing AdSense from this blog.

This is mainly in response to AdSense's payout scheme: if your account is active, you need to reach $100 before getting a payout, while you can cancel your account and get paid if your balance is $10 or higher. I've been stuck in the middle of that range for months; I made a little money after my post about the Nationals ticketing office attracted a few thousand hits, but now I get about 15 hits a day. I'm sure my almost complete absence of new posts has something to do with that, but at this rate it would take decades to reach the $100 threshold.

So, there you have it: Econ Tricks, with a little less clutter. There are more than a few cautionary tales online about people getting screwed out of AdSense payouts, so wish me luck.


Adam Gurri said...

I canceled once and got paid out no problem.

Greg Finley said...

Good to know!

I would like to have some post go viral now, just for the irony of it.