Thursday, September 23, 2010

Proof that Washington Nationals Tickets Are Overpriced

Around the time that they set another record for lowest attendance, the Washington Nationals announced a "Buy 2 Get 2" promotion (see screen grab above once this link becomes obsolete) in which fans can get two full-season tickets free when they buy two in select sections (read: near or behind the foul poles).

At first, this seems like an arbitrage opportunity, or opportunity to make a profit with no risk. There are some time and money costs to reselling tickets, such as researching prices on StubHub or haggling with scalpers, but someone could theoretically make easy money just by selling each ticket for half of its face value. They just need to buy four tickets (two at face value and two free) from the Nationals for $60 and sell each ticket for a little more than $15.

The fact that someone couldn't expect to sell all these $30 Nats tickets for as little as $15 each, and thus make a profit, says a lot about the lack of demand and the sorry state of the franchise.