Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Annoying Away Hoodlums

The Washington Post reports that a device that emits an annoying noise that only young people can hear has been installed at Gallery Place. It's an effort to drive away deviant youth that often hang out in the area.

I'm surprised that this is legal.

While the area businesses (a good chunk of which are bars) might benefit by driving young people away, plenty of young people who aren't causing trouble and who have a legitimate reason to be in that neighborhood will be harmed for no reason. Young people (yes, even potential hoodlums) should have just as much right to a public street as the businesses do.


Adam Gurri said...

I'd be fine with it if it only annoyed teenagers, but it seems like most of us twenty-somethings can hear it too.

In short, anything that can be done to punish teenagers just for being teenagers is categorically a good thing :D