Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Seven Pounds": I Told You So!

Friday night, I watched "Seven Pounds" (Amazon and IMDb), starring Will Smith. This blog usually isn't a venue for film reviews, but let me quickly say:

(1) The film is 2 hours and 3 minutes long.
(2) My rating after seeing the first 1 hour and 55 minutes would have been 1 or 2 stars.
(3) My rating after seeing the ending is 5 stars.

Once again, I'm glad that I didn't follow Tyler Cowen's advice to give up on the movie too soon, as I discussed a few days ago.

Oddly, the movie explores the same question I wrote about here a few months ago. However, if you're interested in the movie, I strongly encourage you to see it first before reading too much about it online or clicking this link. But the link is here.