Thursday, April 8, 2010

Misspellings on Baseball Jerseys

It's going to be a real struggle to justify how this relates to economics, but I've been amazed at the recent trend of misspellings on Major League Baseball jerseys. Last year saw NATINALS on the jerseys of two Washington players, and yesterday a Giants player sported a SAN FRANCICSO uni.

In both cases, the rest of the team played with jerseys that had the correct spelling. I'm admittedly ignorant about the jersey production process, but it's a mystery how one or two jerseys could contain a misspelling while the rest don't. Are the letters embroidered on by hand? Are the jerseys made on an assembly line, with someone typing in the team name each time? I really don't know.

The cynic in me would like to point out that often all publicity is good publicity. There's certainly a lot more people talking about Majestic jerseys lately than there otherwise would be.


Adam Gurri said...

I think the Nats are the one exception to this rule--pretty much any publicity for them is bad publicity.